Crisis, the strong wind of change: the age of disruptstars

Blog post: change in digital age

In my journey as a solutions builder, I’ve experienced two types of business executives. Those who see disruptive technology as a vital future-enhancing savior and those who see it as an unnecessary evil and distraction. The former, whom I call ‘disruptstars,’ embrace it, and find a way to align themselves and their business interests with it. Meanwhile, the latter, ‘disruptnemies,’ find all means to make it irrelevant, including casting down the drivers of the winds of change. Well, they cannot cast down Coronavirus2, can they? disruptive technologies

Urgent need to change 

In case we haven’t realized it, this novel coronavirus2 has come to tell us what some of us have always known; there is a strong and urgent need for change. The digital age, digital connection, global village, and increasingly disruptive technologies are trying to tell us something: be Prepared, you have to change, or events will make you change. We have never really heeded the warnings, or we have done so at a pace below the required levels. as a result, we’ve been caught napping.  

Disruptive technologies 

I’ve sat down recently with senior executives of Psychology solutions businesses. We discussed my current project with them as a learning curve and ideation. We are building a SaaS-model technology platform that will digitize psychological tools in understanding customer behavior. A novel approach to understanding the WHY factor. For instance, why people make decisions, take actions and choose options. It is a solution that can be deployed digitally, and with little human contact. In addition, it is a solution deployed across verticals with few algorithm differentials. Every meeting ended with more and more distruptnemies. How can this be done? Why change the status quo? It’s not broken… 

Change with disruptive technologies.

Coronavirus2 and its accompanying disease, COVID-19, has come to change all that. Please be informed that things will never be the same again by the time we get back to normalcy. Businesses that will survive have learned real lessons from this global pandemic and therefore, have set their sights on coping mechanisms that protect them all borders. With changing consumer behaviors amongst other factors and now far-reaching crises, our world is broken and needs fixing disruptively. 

Key survival factors for now and the future change 

1) Agility is key. Physically and digitally. If your business is deliverable only physically, you are going down slowly and steadily. Consequently, more crises will surely come. 

2) Flexibility is key. Remote working becomes vital. The traditional work models are gone. Therefore, the ability to pivot and iterate even as a 10-year-old business is essential.

3) Age of digitization. It doesn’t matter what you do. You need to find a way to digitize your services and solution. Do it fast. 

4) Adaptability is key. The chameleon-like characteristics your business possess should make you distinctive and highly specialized, especially in challenging business terrain. Are you adaptable? 

5) Be a disruptstar. Like it or not, disruptive technologies are changing the world. We are adapting faster to consumer behavior and orientation.

Thank you 

Steve Zion 

Chief Protagonist @ LOVALENG

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Blog post author: Steve Zion