A well-developed startup ecosystem in the Ems-Dollart region is needed to make important growth resources more accessible for the startups there! This is the conclusion of the study “Startup perspectives: startup ecosystems in the Ems Dollart region” , conducted by Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The study, which serves as the basis of the Startup EDR project, identifies opportunities for the start-ups in the region through the integration of the existing ecosystems. That is why the project’s main objective is to promote cross-border cooperation between start-ups and young entrepreneurs in the Ems-Dollard region.

Project sponsors and project partners

The Startup EDR is part of the EU-funded INTERREG program and is co-financed by the Municipalities of Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen and Lower Saxony. The project partners come from all parts of the region:

Other partners from both Germany and the Netherlands assume a supporting role in the project.

Our role

Since startup mentors are an important ingredient for any startup ecosystem, one of the project goals is to set in place a cross-border mentoring program for guidance and advice of the startup founders in the region.

Our role within the project is coming up with the program structure and building a program where mentors with expertise in various areas help in setting up and upscaling startups.  We find and select the mentors and also come up with an education program to guide them. We also directly help the startups during the project period. But we also do things regionally apart from that, such as integrating the regional ecosystem in the total, coming up with events for the startups and setting up a regional office.

For more information about the Startup EDR project, please visit the project website.


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