Here you can find some of the startups that have already accelerated their business. For more information about the startup, please click on the logo.

Startup: That is clear
Startup: Alkamel
Startup: Kabbex
Startup: Sendbyshare


Testimonials: Niels Postma

“If you are ever looking for an accelerator with a large and active network – look no further: you’ve found it. Zero to One has proven to be very helpful in connecting us with potential customers. Down to earth, progressive and very helpful. That represents Zero to One to me.”

Niels Postma
            Founder of Tapp online

“Together with Zero to One we started Galileo AppFactory. We are very happy with the cooperation. Zero to one connects us with many others, creating new and good collaborations. Zero to one helps us grow as a company. What I like about Zero to one is that smaller entrepreneurs and companies get the chance to make the best start, right from the start.”

Simone Luurs
            Founder of That Is Clear

“Derren, the founder of Zero to One, is a great listener and I am glad to work with him. He knows how to cut the noise and go straight to the point.”

Aurélien Vasinis
            Founder of Brainsfeed

“Zero to One has provided us with opportunities that we might have otherwise missed out on. Through Zero to One, we got in touch with many other startups, as well as local businesses, investors, and the startup ecosystem. Zero to One also helped me settle in the country, which lifted those worries off my shoulders.”

Jafar Lotfi
            Founder of Kabbex

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