New Jobportunities 2.0

New Jobportunities is a project that has previously proven to be able to successfully guide returnees towards the cross-border labor market. In the previous project period, after completion, 80% of the returnees found a well-paid job or further education in the German-Dutch border region.

In the coming period, with New Jobportunities 2.0, we want to guide 100 job seekers in the border region of the province of Drenthe and Landkreis Emsland towards the cross-border labor market.

The aim is to tap into the ‘quiet reserve’: the group of people who would like to have a job, but who are currently not receiving social welfare/benefits. This way, we also help employers in the border region to find motivated returnees who want to get back to work after a break in their career. It concerns employers who are looking for motivated personnel in the manufacturing industry, ICT and/or healthcare sector. With this project we are working towards a 360 degree labor market.

Project partners & sponsors

New Jobportunities is a collaboration between CMO STAMM, Gemeente Coevorden, Zero to One, Regiodeal Zuid- en Oost-Drenthe, the UWV, the Agentur für Arbeit Nordhorn, the Volkshochschule Meppen, and the Rijnland Instituut. 

Our role

Zero to One is committed to creating a future-proof New Jobportunities. On the one hand, Zero to One envisions a number of funding models that may be suitable to in time phase out (partially) from the public money flows. On the other hand, we ensure that the project can be made into a suitable organizational form. The aim is to be able to continue the activities in a viable way in the future within an organization that can be supported by the most important stakeholders.

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