Avoid common startup mistakes.

Avoiding some common mistakes startups make is essential to boost performance. So here are some best practices to avoid the 3 most common startup mistakes. The most common startups problem  Practice 1: Validating your product One of the main reasons why startups fail, is the lack of market need for their product. What often happens is that… Lees verder Avoid common startup mistakes.

Crisis, the strong wind of change: the age of disruptstars

As a solutions builder, I’ve experienced two types of business executives during my journey. Those who see disruptive technology as a vital future-enhancing tool and those who see it as an unnecessary evil and distraction. The first type, whom I call ‘disruptstars,’ embraces it and finds a way to align themselves and their business interests… Lees verder Crisis, the strong wind of change: the age of disruptstars

You, Psychology & your customers

Meet LOVALENG – a data science start-up based in EmmenLOVALENG’s application of Psychology to understand customers’ behaviour, is driven by the need to dig deep and understand what drives people to decide what they buy. We call this the WHY factor. In other words, customers will offer valuable insights, but you have to ask the right… Lees verder You, Psychology & your customers

“We love AI”

Meet Kabbex – a dynamic start-up based in EmmenDeep learning and AI are at the heart of everything we do. It guides the discoveries we make and the technology we make.As a team of data enthusiasts, we started Kabbex to develop a solution for the visual definition of human behavior in the physical world. Therefore, we… Lees verder “We love AI”