“We love AI”

Meet Kabbex – a dynamic start-up based in Emmen

Deep learning and AI are at the heart of everything we do. It guides the discoveries we make and the technology we make.
As a team of data enthusiasts, we started Kabbex to develop a solution for the visual definition of human behavior in the physical world. Therefore, we have created an innovative solution that enables salespeople to create future smart spaces.
In other terms, it’s the machine learning of our heart, it’s the personalization of our brain, and it’s the emotional translation of our blood.

Our Background

We founded Kabbex in 2019. My co-founder and I have extensive experience in ICT and the digital domain.
“For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jafar Lotfi, and I am the founder and CEO of Kabbex. Three years ago, when working at iflix, I started thinking about monetizing our content better and easier.
We had thousands of content, and only a few percentages of them were selling very well and easily.  So,  not very much of them were discovered by the users.
I wondered how other platforms like us solved this problem, but  I learned that almost all platforms use the same technique for content personalization and monetization. What is the technique?  You think.

technique and solution

We were waiting that the users search for something, then personalize everything according to what they browsed. It was working, but not quite for everything. For instance, they mostly look for popular content, so the other not very popular ones did not get any chance to be shown up. The interesting part was that there was not very much we can make out of advanced technologies like machine learning. Unfortunately, the researches could not be ended up with a solution to help us toward our goals at that time.

AI solution

I decided to solve this problem myself and run a series of rapid hypotheses testing and experiments which resulted in the development of Kabbex. The Unique and Useful Insights I gained were by far my expectations. The solution worked better than I have ever imagined. Everyone else was asking if it will work for them as well. My new mission is to get the solution in music and video streaming platforms and the retail industry.

What I figured out:

Every action of us is powered and fueled by our emotions. We live with our emotions!
How to measure this powerful normally uncontrollable and unmeasurable part of our brain.
How to hire this power through an engineering approach, and turn it to work for me, not only for love, tears, and laughter.


Because I discovered the secret method of emotional analysis in the commercial domain and provide this to a hungry market, this meant:
I could now become a hero at my job and get all objectives done, even earlier. I was able to have more free time to spend with my family. Finally, I was able to start my business with my dream idea!

Now I’m living my dream of providing a wonderful lifestyle for my family; using the emotional analysis to make a fortune, and I never have to worry about losing my job, dying of KPIs’ pressure, struggling with my financials, ever again.
And that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing with you about “Emotional Analysis and Personalisation” so you can experience getting your business and personal goals done to make a fortune too!

For what sectors it works:

  • Video marketing agencies to examine their videos before publishing them.
  • Music and video streaming platforms to personalize their content mood-based.
  • Music and playlist curators to examine their playlists based on audiences’ emotions.
  • Malls and shopping centers as digital signage to interact and increase their footfalls.
  • For fashion and apparel retailers to personalize and recommend their offering based on the customers’ emotions.

Benefits of our solution

Our solution can be used for different purposes, for instance, to enhance product recommendation and therefore, improving Customer Segmentation. It has been used to improve cross-selling and up-selling. Moreover, it is a useful tool to spread up the product engagement analysis. Other possible benefit and uses include; increase Customer Lifetime Value,
simplifies Product Marketing, and improving the precision of Financial Rules & Models.

Our Team:
Jafar Lotfi – CEO, with 16+ years of experience in marketing & sales at iflix, Virgin Mobile, Gazprom, and Huawei
Hans Smeets CTO, with 30+ years of experience as CTO and COO in various telcos and worked in senior technical positions at Lebara, 6G Mobile, Nokia, Grid Telecom, and Teleena
Derren de Jongadviser, a startup enthusiast and the Founder of Zero to one (International Accelerator), Growing Workplace, and Blockchain lab Drenthe

Jafar lotfi

Founder @ KABBEX

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