What we do


We offer incubation and acceleration services to founders across the globe. Our programs help innovative startups hit the ground running and is tailored to the startup’s needs. This means that we provide all the help and information you need to do business in the EU, and introduce you to a support network of partners to help you grow and achieve your goals. 

Our services include getting access to investors, helping you with your financial statements and forecasting, teambuilding, business strategy, getting in touch with launching customers and partners, mentorship, finding a suitable location, help obtaining visas for founders, and much more in order to work towards company success.


We can help you with the necessary visa to build your business here. If you are an entrepreneur from a non-EU country, we can offer you a facilitator agreement, which gives you legal access to a temporary residence permit called a startup visa. This allows you to live in the Netherlands for a year and start a company while progressing towards a more permanent status. 

If we see potential in your company after a year of guidance, we are able to give you a facilitator recommendation which will lead to a self-employed visa.


We are also involved in different projects – local, global, and  everything in between. By doing this we help improve and  develop the startup ecosystem, together. Read more about our projects on the projects page.


Our services include

  • helping you with your financial statements and find investors 
  • forecasting 
  • teambuilding 
  • business strategy  
  • market research
  • getting in touch with launching customers/partners
  • helping obtain a startup visa
  • finding a suitable location 
  • developing, evaluating and testing business models