Our service includes

Customized mentorship

You will be mentored and consulted in several business-related areas, based on the needs of your startup.

Business development

We help you pursue strategic opportunities for your startup, by identifying new markets, cultivating commercial relationships such as partnerships, and targeting launching customers to broaden your business network and services.

Financing solutions

We can offer you introductions and direct contacts for financing, in the form of access to business angels, investment funds parties and other investors that may be interested in your business.

Startup VISA

If you’re not from the EU, we can provide you with a facilitator agreement. This enables you to do business in the Netherlands for at least a year.

Partner network

We put a lot of work in our partner network, that consists of a diverse range of interesting partners. They offer all kinds of benefits. And our partners will be your partners too.

Self-employed visa

If we see potential in your company after a year of guidance we are able to give you a facilitator recommendation which will lead to a self-employed visa. We will help you with applying for the follow-up visa (self-employed visa).

What we offer

As a facilitator, we offer incubation and acceleration services to entrepreneurs across the globe. Our services include access to investors, consultancy, business strategy, getting in touch with launching customers and partners, mentorship, educational programmes, help obtaining visas for founders, and much more in order to work towards company success and efficient, but healthy growth.

Where we start

Our clients are startups from different countries and sectors, with different kinds of innovative products or services, and with different company goals. Therefore, one of our first and most important questions to you is: “What do you need to settle in the Netherlands, and be successful?” The answer to this question could be a suited location for a pilot plant, specific launching customers, financing, or R&D capacity. It gives us an idea of where you are and where you’re heading towards. This is the starting point for our mentoring programme to help you grow your business. With your goals in mind.

Let us know when you’re ready for more details.

Contact us when you and your business are ready.