COVID-19 latest measures

De Nederlandse overheid heeft nieuwe maatregelen genomen om de spreiding van het virus te verminderen in Nederland.

These are the latest measures as of 15 December, 2020 until 19 January, 2021:

  • All non-essential shops are closed. Food delivery and takeaways are still allowed. Supermarkets, banks, government organizations,  drug stores, pharmacies, opticians remain open.

  • Maximum 2 guests per day can be received at home (exception from 24-26 December when it is allowed to receive 3 guests).

  • Working from home is strongly advised, unless there is no other option.

  • All events are prohibited - festivals, concerts. 

  • All publicly open venues inside and outside are closed. This includes museums, cinemas, theatres, zoos, amusement parks, libraries, swimming pools.
    Indoor sport facilities such as gyms are closed as well. Outdoor sports remain allowed.
    Contact professionals also stop service.

  • Schools and universities will be closed until 17 January. Classes will be taught remotely. Exceptions apply for attending exams and practical training.

  • It is strongly advised to travel as least as possible and not book holidays until mid-March 2021.

  • Masks are obligatory everywhere in public indoor places since December 1.

For more information and updates on the measures, visit the website of the Dutch government.

For more information on the level of risk for different regions in the Netherlands, look at the COVID-19 level of risk map.