About us


Well, that’s a pretty cool story. It all started when a friend of our founder Derren de Jong, decided to come to the Netherlands from outside of the EU to start a business. Derren wanted to help his friend in his journey, and soon after, Derren realized that many other entrepreneurs face similar problems as his friend was facing, and this is how Zero to One was born – as a mission to help motivated entrepreneurs all over the world start their business journey in the Netherlands. Accelerator Netherlands

What happened next? A small collective of entrepreneurs founded a co-shared working space in Emmen. Together with Constance Reuvekamp, Zero to One became a place to help and support entrepreneurs from all over the world.

We believe that every startup and founder are different. That’s why we don’t have a fixed acceleration plan nor rates. We rather have a tailor-made approach designed to the unique needs of the startups and according to the stage they currently are in. Therefore, we help startups grow from zero to one, from the basics like relocation and startup visa to acceleration of the business. This is the reason we chose the name “Zero to One”.

At the end of the day, as as our co-founder Constance likes to say: “a collection of people trying to help startups”. Accelerator Netherlands


In the present we do not only provide facilitation and acceleration services of startups. We also take an active role in the growth and development of the startup ecosystem in Northern Netherlands, and try to add and promote the international value of the region, especially in the province of Drenthe. 


Our founder: Derren de Jong

Our co-founder: Constance Reuvekamp


Derren de Jong:
Chairman and founder; business development, networking, fundraising

Constance Reuvekamp:
Co-founder and CFO, mentoring and advice

Maria Yordanova:
Market analyst; marketing advice and market research

Michelle Koban:
Junior business developer

Felicia Erftemeijer:
Marketing intern

Anniek Snijders:
International business intern

Mariame Sidibe:
International business & marketing intern

Susan Drenth:
Public governance intern

 Do you want to know more?
Then you can check out the startups page to see some of the startups we work with.