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Blog post: psychology & your customers

Meet LOVALENG – a data science start-up based in Emmen

LOVALENG’s application of Psychology to understand customers’ behaviour, is driven by the need to dig deep and understand what drives people to decide what they buy. We call this the WHY factor. In other words, customers will offer valuable insights, but you have to ask the right questions and use the right tool. Therefore, to create and deliver mutually beneficial value, you have to understand your customer’s real problems, why it is a problem to them, and why they have chosen a solution for it.

Psychology and behaviour

In layman’s terms, Psychology seeks to understand people’s behaviour in terms of why they do what they do. To do this, it focuses on people’s perception, cognition, attention, emotion, intelligence, motivation, and personality. A very crucial business-inclined definition of Psychology explains it as ‘’the acquisition of information useful to control behaviour”.

psychology your customers’ behaviour

The control of your customers’ behaviour through psychology can acquire a favourable disposition towards your products, services, and brand. Furthermore, it is crucial to your business’s performance and survival. This is not a malicious form of control but ends in a mutually beneficial relationship. This is a customer-centric control driven by a deep understanding of your customers’ behaviour. For instance, what they want, and why they want it.


Today’s customers know what they want, and here is where I differ from Steve Job’s assertion that they do not. Times are changing, for instance, changing lifestyles, demographics, life demands, technology, opportunities, global trends, crisis (Coronavirus), etc. Although the customers may not know how to get what they want, they identify and go for it once they find it. Your business needs to find out what the customers want and deliver products and services to them in the way the customers want them.
LOVALENG is the solution that helps you to understand your customers deeply.

Customers’ behaviour 

Above all, we believe customer understanding is well beyond reactive data based on customer online engagement and performance on your business website. Instead, proactive businesses focus on applicable insights that drive customer actions to their products, services, and brands. This is the way forward: behaviour-driven customer insights.

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Steve Zion 

Chief Protagonist @ LOVALENG

Find out more about LOVALENG on their websiteLinkedinFacebook and Twitter pages.

To learn more about our other startups, visit our startups page.

Blog post author: Steve Zion